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Dear Colleague,

The field of neuromodulation is expanding very fast. Even before we can think of an application, somewhere around the world someone is testing it for clinical purposes. From pain and movement disorders, neuromodulation has expanded to virtually all neurological states and also exploring “non-neurological” applications like hypertension and bladder dysfunctions. The number of specialities using neuromodulation is expanding. The Neuromodulation Society (India) was formed in order to bring all these specialities together for one common purpose, i.e. interact and expand the knowledge of neuromodulation. The International Neuromodulation Society, which has 21 member chapters, have conferred a member chapter to our society.

Few like-minded colleagues got together to form this society, and in no time, we had one of the most diverse core membership team that had five different specialties as its members. TNS gratefully acknowledges chapter formation grants from the International Neuromodulation Society and Boston Scientific. We plan to expand this society through two different tiers of membership. One is life membership of the TNS and the second is an active membership of TNS. The active membership will also offer benefits of being a part of the International Neuromodulation Society with access to the Neuromodulation Journal and other activities of the INS. I invite you to be a part of this society and witness the revolution from close quarters!

Paresh K. Doshi – President, TNS

Our Mission

To integrate multidisciplinary experts involved in neuromodulation and increase the reach and accessibility of this subspecialty.

About International Neuromodulation Society (INS)

The International Neuromodulation Society (INS) is a non-profit group of clinicians, scientists and engineers dedicated to the scientific development and awareness of Neuromodulation. The INS which was established in 1989 is based in San Francisco. The INS educate and promotes the field of Neuromodulation through meetings, its peer-reviewed journal (Neuromodulation), mentorship and chapter websites. It also provides information for patients and produces rolling news briefs about this rapidly evolving field.

The INS has been conducting monthly webinar series on Neuromodulation in Pain. They also conduct mentorship program for which anyone desirous to take guidance, can approach INS. INS is also conducting online virtual journal clubs and we encourage our members to take part in this.

Recently, INS held the elections of Director-at-large. Dr. Jason Pope and Dr. Magdalena Anitescu were elected for these respectable posts.

The upcoming activities of the INS include

The Third Interim Biennial Meeting of the INS will be held in Mumbai, India from 11th – 13th November, 2022. Know More


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